A3 – Manual Drive Trains and Axles


This course teaches students the theory, operation, diagnosis, and service of modern drive train components.

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Manual Drive Trains and Axels is designed for students to prepare for the ASE Certification Test A3. However, students can take this course strictly to enhance their skills and knowledge as well. It is expected that students will be working in a shop environment in order to get the hands-on experience needed while going through the course and gaining the knowledge and theory of manual drive trains and axles. This course will be using digital content from the publisher Goodheart-Willcox, and the digital book Manual Drive Trains and Axles, 4th Edition by Chris Johanson and James E Duffy, Copyright 2021.

Manual Drive Trains and Axles details the theory, operation, diagnosis, and service of modern drive train components. It includes information on the latest clutches, manual transmissions and transaxles, solid and independent rear axle assemblies, drive shafts and drive axles, U-joints, and CV joints. Basic drive train components, such as gears, bearings, and seals, are identified and explained. The text also includes detailed explanations of electronically controlled systems and coverage of scan tool use and code retrieval to aid in diagnosis. This is a valuable resource to those preparing for ASE Certification Test A3, Manual Drive Train and Axles.

  • Correlates to the Manual Drive Train and Axles section of the 2017 ASE Education Foundation Task List.
  • Detailed coverage of the use of drive train tools and service equipment, including micrometers and calipers, prepares students for the workplace.
  • Features a comprehensive chapter on noise, vibration, and harshness related problems.


1. Introduction to Drive Trains

2. Shop Safety and Environmental Protection

3. Special Service Tools

4. Gears, Chains, and Bearings

5. Sealing Materials, Fasteners, and Lubricants

6. Clutch Construction and Operation

7. Clutch Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

8. Manual Transmission Construction and Operation

9. Manual Transmission Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

10. Manual Transaxle Construction and Operation

11. Manual Transaxle Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

12. Drive Shaft Assembly Construction and Operation

13. Drive Shaft Assembly Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

14. Constant-Velocity Axle Construction and Operation

15. Constant-Velocity Axle Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

16. Rear Axle Assembly Construction and Operation

17. Rear Axle Assembly Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

18. Four-Wheel Drive Component Construction and Operation

19. Four-Wheel Drive Problems, Troubleshooting, and Service

20. Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Service

21. ASE Certification

22. Career Preparation

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