A5 – Auto Brakes


This course details the design, operation, diagnosis, service, and repair of automotive brake systems.

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Auto Brakes is designed for students to prepare for the ASE Certification Test A5. However, students can take this course strictly to enhance their skills and knowledge as well. It is expected that students will be working in a shop environment in order to get the hands-on experience needed while going through the course and gaining the knowledge and theory of auto brakes. This course will be using digital content from the publisher Goodheart-Willcox, and the digital book Auto Brakes, 5th Edition by Chris Johanson and Martin T. Stockel, Copyright 2021.

Auto Brakes presents design, operation, diagnosis, and service information to prepare students for on-the-job success. Brake system operation is fully explained before troubleshooting, service, and repair are discussed. Chapters on anti-lock brakes and traction control describe the operation, inspection, troubleshooting, and repair of these important systems. Scan tool use and trouble code retrieval for diagnosis is also covered. This text is a valuable resource for anyone who needs a thorough understanding of today’s brake systems, including those preparing for ASE Certification Test A5, Brakes.

  • Correlates to the Brakes section of the ASE Education Foundation Task List.
  • Information on hydraulic system fundamentals and friction brake theory is included.
  • The use of brake tools and service equipment, including brake lathes and pressure and vacuum bleeding equipment, is detailed.


1. Introduction to Brake Systems

2. Shop Safety and Environmental Protection

3. Brake Tools, Shop Equipment, and Service Information

4. Hydraulic System Fundamentals

5. Master Cylinders, Calipers, and Wheel Cylinders

6. Master Cylinder, Caliper, and Wheel Cylinder Service

7. Power Assist Units

8. Power Assist Unit Service

9. Hydraulic Valves, Switches, Lines, and Hoses

10. Hydraulic Valve, Switch, Line, and Hose Service

11. Friction Brake Theory

12. Disc Brake System Components and Operation

13. Disc Brake Service

14. Drum Brake System Components and Operation

15. Drum Brake Service

16. Wheel Bearings and Oil Seals

17. Wheel Bearing and Oil Seal Service

18. Parking Brakes

19. Parking Brake Service

20. Brake System Electrical and Electronic Components

21. Anti-Lock Brake and Traction Control System Components and Operation

22. Anti-Lock Brake and Traction Control System Service

23. Troubleshooting Brake Systems

24. ASE Certification

25. Career Preparation

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