A6 – Auto Electricity and Electronics


This course covers the design, operation, diagnosis, and repair of the electrical, electronic, and computer-controlled systems found in late-model vehicles.

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Auto Electricity and Electronics is designed for students to prepare for the ASE Certification Test A6. However, students can take this course strictly to enhance their skills and knowledge as well. It is expected that students will be working in a shop environment in order to get the hands-on experience needed while going through the course and gaining the knowledge and theory of auto electricity and electronics. This course will be using digital content from the publisher Goodheart-Willcox, and the digital book Auto Electricity and Electronics, 7th Edition by James E. Duffy, Copyright 2021.

Auto Electricity and Electronics teaches the design, operation, and diagnosis of starting, charging, ignition, lighting, and other major systems. The text stresses the use of on-board diagnostics, as well as conventional meter tests, to find electrical, electronic, and computer-related problems. A chapter on advanced diagnostics covers the latest equipment and techniques used to locate problems. This is a valuable resource to those preparing for ASE Certification Test A6, Electrical/Electronic Systems.

  • Correlates to the Electrical/Electronic Systems section of the 2017 ASE Education Foundation Task List.
  • A full chapter on on-board diagnostics details OBD II systems and emphasizes the use of scan tools to help pinpoint computer system problems.
  • Two full chapters on hybrid drive systems cover the basic principles of operation, diagnosis, and repair.


1. Overview of Electrical/Electronic Systems

2. Electrical Principles

3. Electric Circuits and Ohm’s Law

4. Electric Components

5. Electronic Components and Principles

6. Tools and Test Equipment

7. Wiring and Wiring Repairs

8. Manufacturer Service Information

9. Basic Electrical Tests

10. Review of Safety

11. Automotive Computer Operation

12. Battery Technology

13. Starting Systems

14. Charging Systems

15. Ignition Systems

16. Fuel and Emission Control Systems Electronics

17. Lighting, Instrumentation, Navigation Systems

18. Wiper and Horn Systems

19. Power Accessories, Security systems, and Entertainment Systems

20. Restraint System electronics

21. Chassis System Electronics

22. Hybrid Drive Systems

23. On-Board Diagnostics and Scan Tools

24. Sensor, Actuator, Computer Service

25. Battery and Starting System Service

26. Charging system Diagnosis and Repair

27. Ignition System Diagnosis and Repair

28. Fuel and Emission Control Systems Electronics Service

29. Lighting System Diagnosis and Repair

30. Power Accessories and Sound System Diagnosis and Repair

31. Restraint System Service

32. Chassis Systems Diagnosis and Repair

33. Hybrid Drive Systems Diagnosis and Repair

34. Advanced Diagnostics

35. ASE Certification

36. Career Success

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