ASE Automotive Suite


This suite gives you access to all A1-A8 courses.



The ASE Automotive Suite is a powerful technology solution that provides all 8 courses including online textbooks, workbooks, and shop manuals from the G-W Training Series for ASE Certification, plus videos and animations, ASE-type auto-graded questions, activities, and assessments, all in one location, for one great value. It is expected that students will be working in a shop environment in order to get the hands-on experience needed while going through the courses and gaining the knowledge and theory of the various focus areas. This is a 2 year subscription that will give you access to any or all of the A1-A8 courses that you would like to go through during the 2 year time frame.

It aligns 100% with the 2017 ASE Task Lists and provides strong coverage of theory, application, and hands-on skills and diagnosis to prepare students for ASE certification and successful automotive careers. The new editions feature updated technical content, a new interior design, and full color illustrations and photos.

  • A1: Auto Engine Repair
  • A2: Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles
  • A3: Manual Drive Trains and Axles
  • A4: Auto Suspension and Steering
  • A5: Auto Brakes
  • A6: Auto Electricity and Electronics
  • A7: Auto Heating and Air Conditioning
  • A8: Auto Engine Performance and Driveability


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